Handovers, Agreements & Inventory

At this stage, we have agreed a date for you to move in and arranged for the property to be cleaned. Prior to handing over the keys we must be in receipt of the Damage Deposit, inventory fee and 1st months rent – this money must be cleared funds and can be in the form of a Bankers Draft, or paid by BACS to our Account. The Damage Deposit is protected using a government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme and held until you vacate the property, it will then be used against cleaning, damage costs or against any shortfall in rent if necessary.

Damage Deposit = 1 1/2 x one months rent (rounded up to the nearest £5) [NOTE: This could be 2 months due to special circumstances – Eg. If a new or nearly new property]

Moving In Day
– we will arrange to meet you at the property. Once inside, we will explain how to use the heating system and various appliances. Each of our properties also has a Tenants User Manual, which contains printed/online User Instructions and guidelines relevant to the property. Please feel free to ask any questions at this stage. We will also advise you on how to maintain the property and thus protecting your Damage Deposit.

Inventory – This Inventory forms part of the Tenancy Agreement and lists any damage/dilapidation’s, which have occurred prior to you moving in. Also listed are the items within the property including the condition of the decoration etc. Meter readings will also be taken and listed on the Inventory for your information. Once the Inventory has been checked and any amendments have been made, you will then be required to sign it.

Rental Agreements – These must be signed by all parties before commencement of any Tenancy can take place – they are basically a set of rules stipulating what you are allowed and not allowed to do within the property. Please note that within this Agreement, it is the Tenants responsibility to make sure that the Landlords contents/fixtures/fittings are insured and a copy of a current Insurance Certificate must be provided within 14 days of the agreement date. If you require assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Standing Order Mandate – You will be required to complete this form so please make sure you have your banking details with you. We will then forward this to your bank. This will ensure that regular monthly payments of your rent are made.

It is the Tenants responsibility to ensure that ALL rental payments are made by the Due Date – Failure to pay rent on time is a breach of the Tenancy Agreement and may result in legal action.

Finally, once all the paperwork has been signed and you have no further questions, we will leave you to enjoy your property!

Service Providers – We will contact the relevant Service Providers on your behalf advising them of the date your tenancy commenced together with meter readings.

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